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While I’ve done most of my cycling this year along the NJ waterfront today I crossed the George Washington Bridge and biked down the NYC waterfront to the World Trade Center for a total of 27 miles. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect day to bike between the sun and beautiful breeze off the Hudson River. Cyclists on the NY side were out in droves. I came across all types of cyclists on the path from those out for a stylish ride in dresses and boots to the more serious cyclists in their racing gear that sped by the grandmas out for a Sunday ride.

I would say I fell somewhere in the middle. I kept a steady pace and passed the casual bikers but I wasn’t a speed demon. I had to navigate the roller bladers, tots on training wheels, joggers, and dog walkers. Despite the many folks on the path, it was possible to get a nice flow and fly.

Weaving in and out

Bikes on the path never stop

But do break often.


I went out to Arizona the first week of December 2010 to help get the retreat site ready for Venerable Lobsang Chunzom. I helped create a stairway of steps between the meditation studio and the main cabin, painted wood beams, spray painted furniture, and shoveled dirt among other duties.

I also undertook the task of removing rust from an old exercise bike that was outside the cabin underneath a tree. Given that Venerable Chunzom performs the retreat in silence, and stays on the grounds, it is important to get exercise. The exercise bike serves the purpose of helping her stay fit.

I didn’t get all the rust off the bicycle because the winter sun set rapidly on that last day. Although the rust was heavy in some parts and almost blended into the metal I did get to see some shine come through.

What rust I didn’t remove, I feel as though I carried back home with me. I haven’t shaken it fully off quite yet. It is almost as if I have the project left to complete.

I’m rusty from a long winter hibernation with endless rounds on the hamster wheel of work. I see days of biking ahead as a way to work out all the knots, kinks and creaks built up over time.