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To break a cycle you have to be aware that you are caught in a pattern of behavior, that you react the same way every time someone cuts in front of you, for example, or a friend cancels on you last minute. Your mind goes into default and pulls up, “hey, get to the back of the line!” or “that’s the last time I make plans with her.”

There is also the perpetuity of inaction especially when it comes to changing patterns related to exercise or eating habits. We tend to recycle what is comfortable. Perhaps you think, I’d like to start drinking fresh juices every morning but then the sun rises, alarm sounds, cat meows for food, and you roll out of bed and begin a routine that excludes that fresh juice because making it would require a mental shift. Or maybe you do make the fresh juice one or two mornings but then by the third morning you forget that the previous two even existed and you go back to coffee and toast with butter.

We are in constant motion but tend to run on autopilot. Where is the off switch for autopilot?